PIOU Egg Cup Holders Painted Wood with Stainless Steel Spoons Made in France

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PIOU Adorable Wood French Egg Cups that tell a story

Designer Melitine Courvoisier has created a series of ash wood egg cup holders that are made by traditional wood workers in the Jura France and imbued each of them with a story and personality. Five different colors each with a different and meaningful pattern reflecting children's play-time characters. Natural represents a knight with a castle pattern. The yellow egg cup's pattern represents a princess. The red cup has a pattern inspired by Native American art. The blue cup is decorated with a birds feathers and the turquoise cup with the scales of a mermaid. This wonderful hand crafted egg cup is complimented by a special stainless steel spoon by the same designer. The spoon is made in Thiers France.

Product Features

  • Sold by color
  • Not for Children under 3 years old (small spoon)
  • Ash wood egg cups in five different colors and patterns
  • Stainless steel egg spoon included
  • Made France, Wood cup Jura and stainless steel spoon Thiers
  • Dimensions diameter 2.50 inch height 2 inch Spoon length 3.5 inch
  • Weight 0.3 Lbs
  • Material Ash wood and stainless steel
  • Hand wash cup. Spoon is dishwasher safe
  • Designed by Melitine Courvoisier
  • Packaging Cardboard Box