LIB Set of 6 Dragon Fly Drink Stirrers

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LIB (Libelle) Dragon Fly Drink Stirrers

LIB Set of 6 reusable cocktail stirrers are named after the Libelle, the french word for dragonflies. Designer Erwan Peron was inspired by lazy summer afternoons watching dragonflies buzz gracefully over the water, barely touching. Whether it is an ice-cold lemonade or an elaborate cocktail, the LIB stirrer balances gracefully on the edge of your glass until ready to stir. With 6 different colors the LIB drink stirrers bring a festive feel to any tray of drinks. Objects this beautiful should be reusable. Simply place in the dishwasher when done. The LIB drink stirrers are made in Vendee region in France. An area known for its entrepreneurial spirit and endless beaches, experts on working hard while enjoying life to the fullest.Cause a stir on your next party with the translucent and graceful LIB drink stirrers.

Product Features

  • Set of 6 assorted Drink Stirrers in the shape off a Dragon Fly.
  • Stirrers are able to sit on the edge of a glass looking as if in flight
  • Made in Vendee France
  • Dimensions 8.63 x 6.50 x 0.38 (1 piece)
  • Weight 0.03 Lbs (1 piece)
  • Material Food safe plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Designed by Erwan Peron
  • Packaging Cardboard Photo Box