BARRY Elephant Sponge Holder, Brushed Aluminum Made in France

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Barry the Elephant, Handy French Sponge Holder, Keeps Sponge of the Counter

Barry the elephant sponge holder is made from super strong brushed aluminum and holds your sponge with his trunk. At home in any interior Barry is a sponge holder that adds fun, allows your sponge to dry out properly, which improves kitchen hygiene. Tired of wet sponges on the counter or the bottom of the sink, than allow Barry to curve his trunk and hold your sponge. Trunks up for good luck!

Product Features

  • Brushed Aluminum Sponge Holder in the shape off an Elephant
  • Allows your sponge to dry for better hygiene
  • Includes water proof double sided removable sticker
  • Made in Dinan Brittany France
  • Dimensions 8.25 x 4.50 x 0.10 (Length 5.25 Inch with Trunk Up
  • Weight 0.06 Lbs
  • Material Brushed Aluminum
  • Designed by Erwan Peron
  • Packaging Cardboard Photo Box Ships flat